Aiming for a fair working life

As you well know, all shorts of things happen in life – nice and not so nice. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland exist so you don´t need to worry about trivial matters and won´t be left to sort out your troubles on your own. Union membership acts as an insurance in your working life and provides tools for occupational wellbeing. Let the mascot IN-551 show you the best parts of being a member.


Join our robot friend IN-551 for an adventure. Participation does not require membership of the Union of Professional Engineers. We promise you won’t freeze during the journey, and neither will our robot. Press now!

It was born from the cooperation of skilled animators and technical experts. All membership benefits are encoded onto its SSD. Due to IN-551’s impressive main storage, it can process membership advantages, services and benefits in seconds maximising its well-being at work.

Test your memory and enter a Jopo draw!

Test if you can remember the robot’s story and how your own SSD is doing. Finally, enter a draw, where the main prize is a Helkama e-jopo – the dream of every pedalling engineer.

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