Mortgage benefit

As a member of the union, you always get a more affordable mortgage from Danske Bank. Apply for a new mortgage or ask for an offer on your current mortgage – Danske Bank will handle the bank exchange for you. Take advantage of the benefits for your current mortgage at Danske Bank.

Benefits for members of the Union of Professional Engineers:

  • Lower margin
  • No handing fee or arrangement fee
  • Loan installment-free period without a fee
  • Staggered payment program
  • Less expensive daily services

Take advantage and ask for a mortgage offer. This Danske Bank page for the union members is only in Finnish. You can have the information in English from the Danske Bank customer service.

Mortgage always at a lower price

You will automatically receive a discount on the mortgage margin. As a member of the union, you’ll get your mortgage at a lower cost than if you don’t join the union. The current minimum margins are taken into account when calculating the cost of the mortgage. In your mortgage offer, you will see the price offered to members and non-members.

You will not be charged a mortgage handling fee or an arrangement fee. The standard mortgage handling fee and the arrangement fee is 0.60% of the mortgage capital, but always at least €300.

You will receive a 25-50% discount on your monthly banking costs as long as you pay for the mortgage. Your daily banking package includes, for example, two accounts, two cards, and online banking.

You can apply for an installment-free period of 4-12 months without a handling fee *, you will save at least €180 for each period. You can decide when and how to use the installment-free periods. If you need to lower your monthly living expenses temporarily, for example, to spend time with your family, to enhance your skills by studying, or to save money on something important for you.

* A positive credit decision is required for installment-free periods.

You choose how to start paying for your mortgage. In this way, you will have more money, for example, to spend on furniture, for a new phase of your life, or even for a nest egg. You can set fixed or incremental repayment levels for your loan for the first five years.

Example of the use of installment levels:

  1. Installments for the first two years €500 per month
  2. Third-year installments €750 per month
  3. Installments for the rest of the mortgage period €1,000 per month.

Installments can be made using 2-3 different installment levels. Mortgage repayment must be a fixed amount every month. Access to the mortgage is subject to the Bank approving the mortgage application.

If the customer takes out a mortgage of €170,000, the mortgage period would be 20 years and the reference rate for the mortgage would be Euribor rates with a maturity of 12 months. The total interest rate on the mortgage would be 1.25 % (according to the Consumer Protection Act, the actual interest rate is 1.29 % annually). The total cost of the mortgage would be €193,204.74, including an automatic debit payment fee of €2.70 per installment. The number of installments would be 240. (Information on 8.1.2018). The current minimum margins are taken into account when calculating the cost of the mortgage.