Teboil benefits

Union of Professional Engineers members receive permanent discounts on fuel at all Teboil service stations and automatic filling stations. There are about three hundred Teboil stations in Finland. Teboil service stations also give other product and service benefits to members. The fuel benefit can be obtained by displaying the traditional plastic membership card of the Union of Professional Engineers at the time of payment. The mobile app membership card is not yet valid for this membership benefit.

  • 2.1 cents per liter discount on petrol
  • 2.1 cents per liter discount on diesel oil
  • 10 % reduction on lubricants (can’t be used for containers up to 10 liters)
  • 5 % discount on car chemicals
  • 5 % discount on car washing
  • 5 % discount on filling an LPG cylinder

No fuel discount can be obtained from non-serviced Teboil Express stations nor when paying with American Express, Diners Card, or chipless credit cards.

Get to know all Teboil membership benefits on Teboil’s webpages. The specific page is only in Finnish.

Teboil MobilePay

You can easily add MobilePay to your membercard.
Payment at the indoor cash registers of the stations is easier and the user receives all the benefits attached to the card at the payment stage. Currently, MobilePay does not operate in the meter field, only in indoor cash registers.
When paying with MobilePay you will automatically receive current discounts on the following products:

  • Fuel discount
  • Car wash
  • Lubricants
  • Car chemicals
  • Refill gas
  • Other campaign benefits

Detailed instructions for signing in to MobilePay can be found from member pages: Teboil MobilePay