Salary statistics and salary counter

The research team of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland compiles salary statistics from the Labor Market Survey, which contains salary tables for different sectors, positions, and regions. The statistics describe the earnings of full-time engineers and building architects. They are based on the salary data of over 10,000 engineers.

Salary statistics should be used as an aid when considering the appropriate salary level when applying for a new job or looking at the salary of your current job.

Salary statistics are sent annually to the Union members by post. They are also available on the Member pages.

Salary counter

The salary counter is a tool that allows you to identify a suitable pay bracket, for example, when applying for a new job. It can also be used to check your salary in relation to other engineers performing similar work.

The salary counter is based on the Labor Market Survey data and a regression analysis model. Full-time employees are included in the survey data. The salary counter is available on the Member pages.