Union of Professional Engineers in Finland

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The membership of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland acts as a working life insurance and as a key to professional development.


Whether you have questions concerning employment issues, career planning, or salary requests, you can always turn to us. Our diverse training and personal consulting support you throughout your career whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or have already established a career. The union’s experts will help you plan the direction of your career more extensively or, for instance, advise you on updating your CV or review your employment agreement.


The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is actively and socially influential and supervises the benefits of engineers and other technical professionals as well as their appreciation in working life. The trusteeship focuses on labour market, business, and educational policies. With our labour market operations, we aim to build fair and equal employment policies. Our active business policies aim to retain and develop jobs in the industry and the sectors serving the industry. With our educational policy, we influence the quality and content of engineer training and the number of students so that they meet the needs of the individual, working life, and society.


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The union’s customer service offers assistance in all matters related to membership and employment. The customer service is also the best place to reach all the services and experts of the union.

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