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Webinaari: Job interviews

In this job search webinar you will learn how you can prepare for an interview. You will understand the basic principles in a job interview and logic behind the interview questions.  

For whom it may concern: for active job seekers or those who are open for the next step in their career.


  • How to prepare for a job interview? 
  • Various interviewing formats: face-to-face, pre-recorded video, phone, Teams/Zoom 
  • What are the key elements and common questions in a job interview? 
  • What happens after the job interview?

Coaches are recruitment professionals Annukka Tervo (Work psychologist) and Jesse Kannosto (Consultant) from Mercuri Urval. 

Read the webinar instructions before participating (in Finnish).

This webinar is for members of The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland only. If you’re interested in membership read why you should become a member and join! Training is generally free of charge and is part of a member’s career services and benefits.