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CyberSecurity – basics

Cyber security is an increasingly important topic in both the private and public sector, regardless of the job you do. IT security is threatened by both criminal hackers and state-supported actors. A company is no stronger than its weakest link when it comes to protecting its data.


The aim of this course is to learn the basics of what cyber security is and to acquire knowledge that makes you better equipped to recognize possible attacks.

Target audience

This course is aimed at users who want to learn and understand cyber security, so that they can act in a safe way.


The world of cyber security

  • Get to know the importance of cyber security and the threat picture we face today
  • Methods used in cyber security attacks

Malicious software

  • What is the malware trying to do?
  • How malware spreads

Phishing and fraud

  • Why usernames, passwords and general user information are stolen
  • How phishing works
  • Common fraud methods

How to protect yourself

  • Basic steps towards enhanced security
  • Use of memory sticks, passwords and phishing detection


Security, Cybersecurity, Hacker, Phishing, Phishing, Viruses, Passwords