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Introduction to project management

Projects are one very common way to organize work – there are projects almost in every organisation, both in public and private sector. Project Management competences and experience of project work can be an advantage when applying a position. Also, project management skills help you manage your own or your teams daily tasks, whether they are a part of a project or not. 

In this training we go through the basic terms of project management and learn what type of roles and responsibilities there are on the project field. We’ll also discuss the different types of career paths in project management and what kind of skills to develop when pursuing those. You’ll also be introduced to some easy-to-use tools you can use in your future projects or managing your own or your teams work.  

This online training is especially for students and newly graduated, and those fairly new to the Project Management context. 

Your trainer will be Milla Ranta (LinkedIn) M.Eng., Project Management, consult, trainer and developer. Milla has broad experience in different positions of project management, both in public & private sector. Milla believes that a project culture that emphasizes the purpose of work enables an environment of sustainable growth, where people can be empowered by their work and projects are more successful. 

Read the webinar instructions before participating (in Finnish).

This webinar is for members of The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland only. If you’re interested in membership read why you should become a member and join! Training is generally free of charge and is part of a member’s career services and benefits.