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Mentimeter – presentations and votes online

With Mentimeter presentations, you get viewers to participate in remote meetings and other online events. In the performance held at Mentimeter, the audience is really involved and can answer, react and comment!


In the training, you will learn how to create interactive Mentimeter presentations and present them like PowerPoint. You know what kind of content can be added to the presentation, how it can be arranged and imported from outside PowerPoint. In addition, you will learn how to give presentations and monitor what your audience likes and how they participate and answer your questions.

Target audience

The training is suitable for anyone who wants to give interactive presentations or who wants to get to know Mentimeter’s features.


The training uses the Mentimeter application via a computer browser. You don’t need any specific software, just a browser.


Getting to know Mentimeter

  • Getting started with the protractor
  • Getting to know the Menti presentations and the Mentimeter user interface

Making a presentation

  • This is how you make different slides in Mentimeter
  • Graphic and impressive slides
  • Making an impact with text slides
  • Custom layouts

Questions and interaction

  • Make basic slides interactive with reaction buttons
  • Create question slides
  • Multiple choice, word clouds and other question slides

Importing content

  • Importing content from PowerPoint
  • Embedding non-Mentimeter content into the presentation

Presentations and presentation

  • Conducting the presentation and activities during the presentation
  • Advanced appearance at Mentimote
  • Changing the appearance of the presentation
  • Sharing the presentation with answers


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