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What the brain loves | Improving concentration with neuroscience

How to be productive and prevent burnout with brains that are still in the savannah? In this webinar series the point of view is in neuroscience and you'll hear about concentration, learning, and motivation in knowledge work.You can participate in one webinar or all three – just remember to register. This webinar series has similar content as Mitä aivot rakastavat -series on fall 2023 but this time in English.

Topics in this webinar

  • An average knowledge worker changes tasks every 47 seconds 
  • The cost of every interruption is 23 minutes on average, reducing productivity by 40% 
  • Why concentration is so difficult – what weakens our ability to concentrate? 
  • How do brains learn new smart habits? How can we break free from harmful habits? 
  • Concrete tools for improving concentration 

Veera Virintie and Johanna Vilmi, founders of Silta Education, are building a bridge (Silta in Finnish) between the latest neuroscience research and practical work life. Veera Virintie is an education scientist specialized in neuroscience, with a background as a communication and marketing manager in various growth companies. Johanna Vilmi is a work psychologist specializing in cognitive load and stress management for knowledge workers. Veera and Johanna cannot stand the thought of the latest research findings not reaching employees and organizations. Their mission is to make this knowledge available to everyone in the form of practical tools. Veera and Johanna have developed the Focus Tiger program for companies, and individuals to improve concentration, motivation, and stress management.

Read the webinar instructions before participating (in Finnish).

This webinar is for members of The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland only. If you’re interested in membership read why you should become a member and join! Training is generally free of charge and is part of a member’s career services and benefits.