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Häme ja Keski-Suomi


Alkaa 9.10.2020 klo 14:00, päättyy 30.10.2020 klo 12:00

Working life regulation in Finland (peruttu/cancelled)

Place:  Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra, Hannikaisenkatu 35, 40100, Jyväskylä
Instructor: Labour lawyer Maria Jauhiainen, Union of Professional Engineers in Finland
Duration: 3h 

Come and learn about the basic labour law regulation in Finland, since Finland is a country where legal matters really matter when it comes to work.

One law regulates for example what could and should be in your working contract, what is a trial period, what should you agree or not to agree on non-competition, how and on what grounds can you be temporarily laid-off, on what grounds can you be legally laid-off and on what grounds not. You will also learn about how working hours are regulated and how holidays are accrued and used.

We will be learning through talking and looking into things together, so luckily there will be much more than just boring legal lectures. The aim of this course is make sure that you will be able to find your way better in the legal jungle of Finnish working life and you know what you are entitled to and how things should be done in your case. And the possibility of making new local friends is not a bad thing either.