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Working life regulation in Finland

Place: the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s office in Oulu, Hallituskatu 29 A
Instructor: Labour lawyer Maria Jauhiainen, Union of Professional Engineers in Finland
Duration: 3h

Come and learn about the basic labour law regulation in Finland – as when it comes to work, Finland is a country, where legal matters are essential.

For example, law regulates what could and should be in your employment contract, what is a trial period, what should you agree or not to agree on non-competition agreement, how and on what grounds you can be temporarily laid-off and on what grounds you can and cannot be legally laid-off. You will also learn how working hours are regulated and how annual holiday is accrued. 

We will learn through discussion and looking into things together – so not just boring legal lectures, but interaction. The aim of this course is to make sure, that you can navigate better your way in legal jungle of Finnish working life, and you know your rights and how things should be done. And the chance to make new local friends is not a bad thing either. 

The course is free for members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland (IL ry). IL ry will not reimburse any expenses incurred as a result of participating e.g parking or mileage allowance.