Starting salary recommendations for engineering students graduating in 2018

These recommendations can be applied to positions that are compatible with a degree in engineering. The recommendations are applicable to permanent, full-time agreements. The salary recommendations are set out on the basis of relevant work experience acquired before graduation.

In engineering tasks, the salary is always firstly determined by how demanding the position is. Employee’s previous work experience that has been acquired before graduating can affect the salary in a sense that those who have more relevant experience are more capable of performing more demanding tasks and therefore can have bigger salaries compared to those who have less experience.

These salary recommendations are based on the salary surveys conducted by the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. The salaries are based on a 37,5-hour work week  and they do not include overtime compensation.

Work Experience euros/month
minor 2,900
moderate 3,100
plenty of relevant experience 3,400

Minor experience relates to an engineer degree (bachelor’s) and the practical training that is included in the degree. Plenty of relevant experience means previous experience of working in an engineering related positions for at least a year, for example in a supervisory role. On top of this, experience from a very demanding positions or from tasks that include significant responsibility can be equated to plenty of relevant experience.

According to the labour market survey conducted by the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, the average salary of all of the engineers who graduated in 2017 was at the time of the survey 2720 euro per month.

In the Helsinki metropolitan area, the salaries are the highest and in the other bigger cities salaries are higher than in other parts of the country. In the Helsinki area, the average salary for graduated engineers was 3000 euro per month in 2017.

Furthermore, the demand and supply of different fields of work can affect the amount of salary. For example, at the moment the employment situation in construction is fairly good and salaries a bit higher than average. In fixed-term positions, salaries are usually below the recommendations.

If you are a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you can check the adequacy of your own salary with the Salary Counter that can be found from the member’s pages on the Union’s website.
You may also contact the Union for personal salary counselling or other questions via our customer service: or tel. 0201 801 801.