For as long as there has been engineering education, there has also been engineering student culture.

Engineering student culture is all about fun activities and building team spirit. Engineering culture, like student culture in general, has an important role in students' networking as well as promoting mutual interest and well-being.

The Finnish Union of Engineering Students along with its local membership associations maintains and develops engineering student culture. As part of this development work, we organise events that bring together students from all over Finland. In addition to national events, all local membership associations within the Finnish Union of Engineering Students organise fun and useful local activities in smaller and larger scale.


Insinööriopiskelijapäivät IOP

The national event Insinööriopiskelijapäivät was first organised in Raahe in 1992, when an event previously organised by engineering students' associations in Northern Finland (PoSIO-päivät) first became a national event. Since then, the event has been organised in various towns all over Finland.

Insinööriopiskelijapäivät usually includes an opening ceremony, complete with guests of honour, a cheerful orienteering adventure across town and finally a party with great performers. More formal content, such as seminars, is also organised.

A great deal of the appeal the Insinööriopiskelijapäivät holds comes from travelling to the events from afar. Each year, the event is organised in a different town. This means that those who arrive from other towns sometimes have to travel a long way on buses or trains. Several chartered bus drivers have had their patience tested by travelling engineers, but at the same time, many great stories that can be shared with generations to come were born.

Every year, engineers who have already completed their studies also participate in Insinööriopiskelijapäivät (IOP) and rekindle memories from student days. IOP is definitely an event worth taking part in for all engineering students.

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Engineering cap

The legendary engineering cap, also known as “imppulakki” in Finnish, was designed by Heikki Silván, an engineering student from Helsinki, in 1969.

The octagonal purple velvet cap complete with a black tassel is each engineer's and engineering student's symbol starting from the 1 May of their first year.
The cap also makes a wonderful gift – it is an ideal graduation gift or a present to someone on their 50th birthday.

For more information on the engineering cap and how to order it, please contact the customer service.


Enginering’s ring

When the happy and memorable student days end in graduation, you can proudly showcase your degree by wearing an engineer's ring. A ring made of yellow gold, palladium or silver, worn by a graduated engineer on the middle finger of their left hand, is decorated with a symbol featuring a cross-section of a scale ruler designed by Olof Eriksson in 1962 for the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. The rings are made by jeweller Widemark.

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