Are you about to finish your studies? Are you starting to lose interest in student life and becoming more interested in what comes afterwards? In this section you can find information about engineering work and post-graduate degrees after completing your engineering degree.

When you graduate, your student membership will become engineer membership. The Finnish Union of Engineering Students IOL will no longer be your association, instead your new association will be a local member association or a sectoral association. By notifying our customer service of your graduation, you make sure that IL remains your partner in working life.

After graduation, a member of the Finnish Union of Engineering Students will transfer their membership to another membership association within the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. In order for the transfer to be possible, a member must issue a notice of graduation.

After graduation, the membership fee will comprise three different parts: IL's, membership association's and the unemployment fund's membership fee. The full membership fee is 30–40 euros per month, depending on the membership association, approximately half of which you will get back because the fee is tax deductible. In 2020, the unemployment fund's membership fee is 66 euros. A member that has issued a notice of graduation and joined a student union during their studies will receive a discount on the membership fee for 18 months after graduation without a separate discount application. In 2020, the discount is 14 euros off the monthly fee.

When graduating, you may need employment advice: having your new employment contract checked or going through a non-compete agreement together with our experts could save you from unfortunate situations in the future.
Our career service experts offer both personal salary advice and salary recommendations which help you to negotiate an appropriate salary level. If you are looking for work, you can find several open positions all over Finland on the Työpaikkatori employment service. We also offer personal job search advice, for example, for writing a CV or preparing for a job interview.

As an engineer, you should value your education and expertise. By wearing an engineer's ring you show others that you are part of a respected profession. As a member, you get a discount on the ring.

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland conducts a survey every spring to those members who have graduated from universities of applied sciences as engineers the previous year. The survey includes questions concerning the education of engineers and skills that the educations has given the graduates in relation to the demands that work life brings. This research also focuses on the first steps of engineers working life, employment of engineers and content of tasks performed by the graduates.