Salary recommendations for students (summer jobs and practical training)

Summer 2020

The salary recommendations for students are based on the Survey on the Employment of Engineering Students conducted by the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland in 2019, and on the overall income development in Finland.

These recommendations do not include overtime compensation or any other bonuses. The below mentioned salaries are recommendations and should not be considered as minimum or maximum salaries. These recommendations are applicable to positions that are related to engineering studies.

Positions that are covered by collective agreements, such as installation or manufacturing positions, the salary is determined according to the current collective agreement.

Studies completed

















Less than 60 credit points

















60–100 credits

















100–150 credits

















150–200 credits

















More than 200 credits

















In engineering positions, the salary is mainly affected by how demanding the position is and how much responsibility it includes. Employee’s previous experience can also affect the salary. High quality experience that is relevant to engineering studies usually means a salary at the top end of the range.

Field of study can affect the salary, but especially important is the current demand for employees in the field. In the Helsinki metropolitan area, the salaries in many positions are higher than in other parts of the country.

If you are a member of the Union and have any questions or require personal salary counselling, please do not hesitate to contact the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland ( or 0201 801 801).