Member discount on fuel at Teboil stations

Members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland receive permanent discounts on fuel at all Teboil stations and automatic stations, totaling about 300 around Finland. Teboil stations also offer other product and service benefits for members.

  • 2 cent discount per litre on petrol
  • 2 cent discount per litre on diesel oil
  • 10% discount on lubricants (10-litre canisters and smaller)
  • 5% discount on car chemicals
  • 5% discount on car washes
  • 5% discount on LPG refills

The fuel discount is not applicable at net price-based automatic Teboil Express stations or when paying with American Express, Diners Card, or Käyttöluotto.


Private life legal matters

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland has an agreement with the law firm Eversheds on telephone counselling concerning the private life legal matters of our members. The service is free of charge and also applies to the family members of the union member living in the same household.

Counselling is offered on private life legal matters. You can ask for advice on, for instance, inheritance and wills, prenuptial agreements, the division of property, and gifts. Questions related to employment and service relationship and work duties are not covered by the service. For such issues, please turn to the employment counselling of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.

Telephone counselling is offered on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the following numbers:

  •     Helsinki +358 (0)10 6841 400
  •     Hämeenlinna +358 (0)10 6841 401
  •     Jyväskylä +358 (0)10 6841 402
  •     Tampere +358 (0)10 6841 403
  •     Turku +358 (0)10 6841 404

Remember to mention that you are a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and wish to receive telephone counselling included in the membership. State your name and telephone number to the lawyer. The contents of the discussion are confidential and covered by the professional secrecy of the lawyer.

Extent of the service

The idea is that a member of the union can present the issue and the lawyer can process it over the telephone without having to handle documents or emails. The service does not cover drafting documents. In accordance with accepted legal policies, a lawyer cannot take responsibility for the validity and legality of a document drafted by the person asking the question.

According to the agreement, a lawyer will not provide counselling in a case being processed by another lawyer or processed by the member themselves in court or through authorities. In addition, the union will not compensate counselling related to the business and investment operations of trusteeship of the members. Unemployment benefit, insurance, pension, and other social security issues are not covered by the counselling service.

When calling corporate numbers, Elisa Oyj charges as follows: from landline 8.35 cents/call + 6.00 cents/min and from a mobile phone connection 8.35 cents/call + 17.17 cents/min.