Salary counselling helps members in matters related to salaries and salary negotiations. You should use our salary counselling services if you are considering your salary request for a job application, the suitable level of salaries when your duties change in your current company or if you feel that your salary is lagging behind the general salary level.

You should also utilise our expert tips when preparing for salary negotiations: how to explain your competence to the employer or how to make them see your skills. Salary counselling also helps students and recently graduated engineers in finding the right salary level for a summer job or training position, in engineering or in the first position in your own field. Member matters are always confidential.

Salary statistics

The research team of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland compiles annual salary statistics based on the labour market survey, providing salary statistics and trends for engineers in different industries, positions and geographical areas. The statistics describe the level of income of engineers and other technical experts graduated from University of Applied Sciences, working full-time. The statistics are based on the salary information of more than 10,000 engineers.

You should refer to the salary statistics when you are considering the correct salary level when applying for a new job or reviewing the salaries in your current position. Salary statistics are sent to union members by mail each year, and Salary statistics are also available on the member pages of our website.

You can also use Salary Counter at the member pages of our website.

Salary recommendations

The union publishes annual salary recommendations for recently graduated engineers and for summer jobs and practical training for students. The recommendations apply to work where those who have recently graduated get to utilise their training as engineers or that supports studies during the studies. The salary recommendations cannot be considered as minimum or maximum salaries, but they can be used for reference in the salary negotiations.  The recommendations are based on the labour market survey and surveys carried out amongst recently graduated engineers as well as students. They do not include overtime, bonuses or other benefits.

Starting salary recommendation for graduating students

Salary recommendations for students (summer jobs and practical training)

Personal salary counselling

Personal counselling gives you special advice in your particular situation. Salary counselling also provides information on the salary level in different countries if you are considering working abroad. Counselling is available by phone or e-mail.

If you want personal wage counselling: Call or e-mail the union’s customer services (tel. +358 (0)201 801 801, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m, or asiakaspalvelu(at) Your call or message will be transferred to the salary counselling team. If you call when all team members are busy, the customer service leaves a message with salary counselling, and they will call you back.

The following background information makes salary counselling quick and easy:

1. description of the position

  • what are the contents of the position and what does that mean in practice; is a supervisory role or project management responsibility involved
  • what is your position in the organisation; what level of person are they looking for
  • your work experience; does your experience support the new position or the position you are applying for

2. information about the workplace

  • what is the field of operation? how big is the workplace (e.g number of employees)
  • where is the workplace located and does the organisation work outside Finland

3. what is your current salary level if you move on to new duties in your current workplace