Danske Bank’s extra benefits for recent graduates who are members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland

As a member of the union you can receive extra benefits for recent graduates worth up to 700* euros a year.

Access your benefits! 

Contact Danske Bank for more information about your benefits:

0200 25880, Mon-Fri 8am-8pm

Your extra benefits as a recent graduate

  • Extended daily banking services free of charge
  • Access to over a thousand airport VIP lounges and comprehensive travel insurance
  • Tools for saving and investing
  • No credit drawing fee for a loan – save 300 euros

Extended services with no additional monthly fee – save over 260 euros a year
You qualify automatically for the top benefit level in the Danske Benefit Programme. Furthermore, you will receive the benefits and discounts with no additional monthly fee for at least five years. You will be issued a Mastercard Platinum card and receive extended services for managing your daily banking and investments. In addition, your spouse also qualifies for the top benefit level if you register with the Danske Benefit Programme as a household.

Danske Platinum Plus daily banking package
Danske Bank’s extended daily banking package comes with the Mastercard Platinum Debit/Credit combo card that includes comprehensive travel and payment insurance. You can also receive 0.5% cash back on all your credit card purchases.

In addition, this package includes Danske Bank’s Real-time service, which includes tools for saving and investing.

  • Real-time stock quotes for Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen via eBanking, Mobile Bank and Tablet Bank
  • Market data for 49 different markets
  • Trading in 25 different markets
  • Smart Order Routing: access to alternative marketplaces
  • Stock price alerts by SMS or e-mail
  • Versatile analysis tools for your own portfolio 
  • Real-time news services by Kauppalehti and Dow Jones Newswires
  • Online capital gains/loss report

Lots of benefits for traveling – save over 130 euros
Priority Pass™
opens the doors to over 1000 airport VIP lounges worldwide. The card includes access to two VIP lounges a year free of charge. You can receive the care free of charge by transferring your daily banking to Danske Bank. As a Mastercard Platinum card customer, you can also exchange currencies and withdraw cash in euros without having to pay service fees when traveling abroad. You also get comprehensive travel insurance and cash withdrawal insurance.

Credit card and Benefit loan in one – a loan for all your life’s situations
Do you need a loan for new housing arrangements, a car or maybe a trip?

  • Get a Benefit loan of up to 15,000 euros without a credit drawing fee depending on your payment ability – save 300 euros. You can get the loan with extremely competitive interest rates.**
  • Get a credit limit of up to 10,000 on your Mastercard Platinum card depending on your payment ability.

Housing loans are always cheaper if you are a member   
Apply for a new loan or simply compare your current loan – Danske Bank can transfer your loan from your former bank to Danske Bank on your behalf. In addition to housing loan benefits, members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland can also get 4% additional interest on their ASP savings.

Expert services for existing and future entrepreneurs
If you choose, Danske Bank’s business experts can call you and assist with any business-related questions you may have, for example how to finance your start-up or how to optimise your daily financing.


* Danske Bank offers a five-year package of benefits and services to members of Akava affiliates who have graduated within the last two years. The MasterCard Platinum and Priority Pass™ cards require a positive credit decision. The total value depends on the amount of benefits utilised.

** Effective annual interest rate of the Benefit loan. The reference rate is the 12-month Euribor rate to which 2.90 percentage points are added. This product is a one-time loan issued by Danske Bank. The effective annual interest rate is 3.88% based on credit of 5000 euros (15.12.2017). The estimated total payable amount of the credit for the entire credit period, including interest and costs, is 5506.93 euros based on credit of 5000 euros (15.12.2017). This includes invoicing fees of 2.50 euros/month over the five-year loan period totalling 150 euros. The estimated total payable amount of the credit and effective annual interest rate have been calculated assuming that the credit period is five years and that the credit is in use in its entirety, the interest on the credit and the fees and charges remain the same throughout the credit period and that the credit is repaid in 60 equal instalments at one-month intervals. The calculation takes into account expenses related to the establishment of credit, drawing of credit and repayment in accordance with the agreement. This is not a loan offer. An approved credit decision is always required before a loan can be granted. When making a credit decision, Danske Bank shall check the customer’s personal credit history with Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.