Membership of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland includes a comprehensive insurance package for working life and leisure time. We have an insurance contract with If P&C Insurance. As our member, you will also receive discounts on other, personal If insurance that you take out yourself.

Do you have any questions regarding insurance included in the union membership or membership benefits offered by If? If Customer Service chat is at your service on weekdays between 8am and 8pm, tel. +358 10 19 19 19. 

Your valid membership card acts as a travel insurance certificate. You can order a separate travel insurance certificate from If Customer Service on weekdays between 8am and 8pm, tel. +358 10 19 19 19, or from If’s online service.  

Insured are the persons, who are within the scope of the Finnish Sickness Insurance Act, whose domicile according to the Act on the Municipality of Domicile is in Finland, and who also live permanently in Finland. However, a person residing for more than six (6) calendar months abroad is not considered to be living permanently in Finland.

As a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you are entitled to the following insurance:

Union insurance, which includes leisure time traveller’s insurance and leisure time accident insurance.

  • Traveller’s insurance is useful if you are injured or fall ill during a holiday abroad, for example.
  • Traveller's insurance also covers children or grandchildren under the age of 20 who are travelling with their parents or grandparents.
  • Traveller’s insurance covers treatment expenses arising from an accident (such as physician’s appointments) and provides coverage for permanent injury and death caused by an accident.
  • Union insurance also includes luggage insurance, which covers damages to luggage up to 1 106 euros. The liability for the insurance is 150 euros. Luggage insurance also covers travel liability damages and legal expenses.

Liability insurance helps in the event of damage caused while exercising a profession.

  • It provides coverage against liability for damages (covers bodily injury, property damage and financial loss that you cause to your employer, your colleague or an outsider due to error or neglect while exercising your profession and for which you are liable on the basis of the legislation in force).
  • If you find yourself in a situation where the coverage provided by this insurance may be necessary, please first contact the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.

Organisation insurance that provides coverage for damage occurring in events arranged by the union.

Read more about the content of the insurance at

As a member, you will also receive discounts on personal insurance that you take out yourself

If offers you the most affordable life insurance* in Finland at a rate 65.1% lower than the list prices

If the worst happens, life insurance will secure your family against financial difficulties. You have the chance to buy life insurance for you and your spouse at a rate 65.1% lower than the list prices at

You can also supplement the accident coverage taken out by your union with Primus accident insurance. You can also take out affordable insurance for your spouse at the same time. High cover accident insurance is available for children. It is valid anytime and everywhere, and also covers competitive sports up to the age of 18 years

As a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you can receive a discount of up to 16% on your other insurance

You can qualify for the If Benefit Program by taking out single insurance, such as car insurance or home insurance, if you agree to receive your insurance mail electronically on If's My Page. As a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you will receive a minimum discount of 11% on all of your continuous insurance. At best your discount could be as high as 16%, as your benefits will grow alongside your customer relationship.

In addition to discounts, you will qualify for other major benefits. Did you know that if you take out insurance for your detached house with If, you are entitled to the cost-free Kunnon Koti service? The service includes an inspection of you home carried out by an expert and a telephone service providing advice on maintenance. The service, which is worth approximately EUR 500, is a cost-free additional benefit if you have taken out Extensive or ExtensivePlus insurance for your detached house.

*Price comparison by the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Service FINE 9/2016. Primus insurance is granted by Kaleva, the oldest life insurance company in Finland, whose agent is If P&C Insurance Ltd (publ) branch in Finland.