The union's customer service assists in all issues related to the membership fee. Contact the customer service, tel. +358 0201 801 801 (8,4 cents/min), weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m and asiakaspalvelu(at)


Membership fee invoice

A membership fee invoice is the default payment method of the membership fee. The membership fee invoice is delivered by mail in December - January of each year or after registration.

The invoice can be paid as a single payment or in monthly installments. Pensioner and student members pay their membership fees as a single payment.

Please always remember to use the reference number in the invoice to ensure your membership fee payments are registered correctly.



You can also order the membership fee invoice as an e-invoice in your online bank. The reference number of the membership fee invoice is used as the order ID.

After the order is complete, the e-invoice is delivered to the online bank every month starting from the next possible month. If you wish to pay your membership fee as a single payment using an e-invoice, check the amount of your membership fee from the invoice/estimation sent at the beginning of the year and change the sum of the e-invoice to correspond to the membership fee of the rest of the year.

Student and pensioner members pay their membership fees as a single payment with an invoice sent in December - January of each year.

The e-invoice contains a default maximum membership fee for the members of Association of IT Sector Employees. If necessary, the sum can be changed to your personal, percentage-based membership fee, but the sum should not be below the minimum payment.


Employer collection

The membership fee can also be collected by the employer, whereupon the fee is deducted directly from the salary and the employer will deliver the fee to the union. The agreement on employer collection is always made in writing. If the employer or the paymaster changes, a new agreement must be made. The employer collection only applies to membership fees paid in full.

The customer service of the union must be notified of any changes related to the employer collection, such as temporary interruptions or discontinuing the employer collection. Your membership fees will stay updated and your membership will be secured.

How to fill in the agreement

  • Fill in all the fields on the form.
  • Mark the employer collection as starting on the first day of the month.
  • Payroll will keep the original form.
  • Deliver a copy of the agreement to the address mentioned in the agreement form of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.


Payment information when paying from abroad

Bank: Nordea Bank Finland PLC, Paasivuorenkatu 3, FIN-00200 Nordea, Helsinki, Finland
Account number: FI03 1574 3000 0018 81
Account holder: Union of Professional Engineers in Finland (Insinööriliitto IL ry)


Postponing the due date of the membership fee

If you are unable to pay your membership fee by the due date, please contact the customer service of the union and agree on a payment plan.  This helps you ensure that there will be no interruptions to your membership of the union and the unemployment fund.

The due date of the monthly membership fee installment cannot be permanently rescheduled. The membership fee is due on the 15th of each month or in accordance with the invoice.

Not paying the membership fee is not considered a notice of terminating your membership.