The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is an Akava trade union with about 70 000 members through its member organisations. The members are engineers, other technical experts, and engineering students. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland works for better workdays.

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is at the leading edge of trusteeship and has a tight grasp of everyday working life. The union offers security, opportunities for success, and high-quality services.

Members with degree in engineering 60%, members of the Association of IT sector employees 9%,
engineering students 24 %, others 7%

Member organisations

in Tampere in 1919

Major contracting industries
Technology industry, Engineer consulting, IT-services

Shop stewards
The workplaces have more than 1 200 shop stewards and representatives

Negotiation organisations
For the members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, two negotiation organisations manage the negotiation operations of collective agreements and other legal, financial, social, and labour market-related benefits: the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN and Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO.

Central organisation
The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is the second largest member organisation in Akava. Akava supervises and promotes the benefits of its members, employees with a higher education, professionals, and entrepreneurs in a national level. For more information on the operations of Akava, please visit


Engineering in figures

Share of women 15 %
Average age 41
Average number of years in the industry 14
Full-time job 92%
Average total working hours 39,8 h/week
  - top management, entrepreneur 2%
  - management 4%
  - higher middle management 10%
  - lower middle management 13%
  - expert 67%
  - clerical worker 4%
Gross salary, mean 4272 e/month
Gross salary, median 4000 e/month
Starting salary, median 2820 e/month
Employer, private sector 89 %
Employer, public sector 11 %