Membership benefits and services

Explore the benefits of your membership! 

Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s membership creates a safety net for your career and fosters professional development. The Union’s collective agreement Advisors, Legal Counsels, and Employment Counselors offer support for working life situations. Through the Union’s career coaching, salary counseling, and training, you will invest in developing your career. 

Examples of membership benefits 

  • career services 
  • pay-related advisory services 
  • employment counseling 
  • legal services 
  • collective agreements 
  • events and trainings 
  • Insinööri magazine ja magazine benefits 
  • non-occupational insurance package and discounts from personal insurances with Turva insurance company 
  • professional liability insurance 
  • discounts 

Member+ benefits services 

Member+ service brings together all the membership benefits of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and Akava in relation to accommodation, travel, wellness, and discounts. 

Union specific benefits 

Advice in legal matters regarding private life. 
You can also find the following additional benefits in Member+:

  • Benefits for banking and insurance services (Danske Bank, Turva) 
  • F-Secure’s security services at a membership price 
  • Hotel and Spa discounts 
  • Cottages and holiday apartments (Vierumäki, Kopparö, Ruka, Tahko, Vuokatti) 
  • Keep yourself up to date with the latest offers and benefits by following the Member+ Facebook-page. 

Insurances – coverage for business and leisure time 

Leisure time insurances 

As a Union member you benefit from extensive leisure time insurance coverage including: non-occupational traveller’s, luggage, travel liability, and legal expenses travel insurance and non-occupational accident insurance. More information can be found at the Union website. 

Professional liability insurance  

The insurance covers personal and material damage that members have caused in their work and for which the insured are liable under current legislation. 

Value for your membership fees 

The Union’s membership fee and the unemployment insurance fee are approximately €35 per month in total (varies by membership associations). After the tax deduction, the price is about €20 per month. Annually you pay about €240 for membership. 

The following services and benefits are included with membership of the Union. The value of the services that are free for members has been added to the calculation. As you can see, even if you only use a fraction of our services, you can easily get value for your membership fee. 

Service or other benefit Value 
Discussion with an employment legal counsel (60 min) 
Review of an employment contract (30 min) 
Read more about employment counselling 
Discussion with a career specialist (60 min) 
Read about our career services 
Course on how to show your expertise (3 hours) 
See the available training courses organized by the Union 
Participation in a summer event 
See Event Calendar 
Union’s insurance package 
Discussion with a legal counsel related to the sale of property (Eversheds) 
Read more about the membership benefits 
Total €900