Career services

The career services of the Union helps you with questions related to career planning, job search, and choosing the right training options. It is worth taking advantage of assistance from Career Specialists at all stages of ones’ career.

Career planning

It is often said that a career path is discovered by chance. A lot of people may feel like they’ve ended up in a job through chance. In life, however, choices are often made according to one’s values and interests, even subconsciously. The better you know your values and interests the easier it is to define what a good life means for you. That way it will take less effort to make choices that suit you

Preparing for a performance review

A successful performance review is a discussion between the employer and employee where all participants are looking ahead. The employee must have a clear understanding of the expectations, responsibilities, and areas he/she is in charge of to work independently, as is often required by professional organizations.

Identifying skills

Identifying your own skills creates the basis for job search and career planning. Find out from which different perspectives you should start thinking about your own skills.

Job board

The Union's Job board connects employees and employers in the field of technology, providing jobs at all stages of working life. You can search vacant positions and create job alerts that will send jobs matching your criteria to your email address. The service is provided by Duunitori in cooperation with the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.

Tips for job searching

The Union periodically organizes courses on the following topics: job applications, CV writing, job interviews, psychological traps when job searching, how to find hidden jobs, how to find project-based jobs, identifying your skills, and career planning.