Membership benefits

Membership of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland includes valuable benefits. All membership benefits and services are also available for student and retired members. Some of the benefits require you to log in to the service or contact the service provider.

Mobile membership card

Download a handy mobile membership card. By downloading the ILRY Mobiili app, you can access the latest engineering news and the Event Calendar for trainings and events on your smart phone.

Member pages

You can edit your information on the Member pages. On the pages, you can access salary statistics and salary counter to help determine your salary, for example. You must use strong identification when you log in to the Member pages for the first time.

Banking services

As a union member, you can get a Danske Bank housing loan without delivery or handling fees. For example, you can save EUR 1,200 on a loan of EUR 200,000. On top of this, you get a lower margin on your loan and installment-free periods without fees.

Insurance package

The union has taken out an insurance package for its members with Turva, which includes non-occupational traveler’s, luggage, travel liability, and legal expenses travel insurance and non-occupational accident insurance. Mobile membership card functions as an insurance certificate.


Member+ service brings together all the membership benefits of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and Akava in relation to accommodation, travel, wellness, and discounts. The service has hundreds of different benefits that you can see and make use of by logging in to the service.


Members of the Union for Professional Engineers in Finland get 40% off the monthly fee of the Rockaway online music learning service! Rockaway is an award-winning Finnish content service for studying music. The service is suitable for everyone regardless of their skill level and it makes it possible to practice playing all the band instruments, singing, or writing song lyrics wherever you are.


A member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland will receive a Vapriikki exhibition ticket at a price of -50% for themselves / their family when showing a membership card when purchasing a ticket. Discount on standard admission tickets: Adults, children and students, and a family ticket. The Ilry Mobile Mobile Membership Card must be shown at checkout in order to receive the benefit.


Union members receive a 50% discount on Heureka's regular-priced adult admission ticket. You can benefit from Heureka's ticket sales by showing your ILRY Mobile mobile membership card. The benefit is personal. Read about cooperation

Membership services

The union provides expert services. The services provide assistance with legal issues related to employment, employment contracts and situations, advises on setting the right salary and helps to find a new job, encouraged by career services.

Eversheds legal services

A member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland can also get assistance in legal matters regarding their private lives. You can ask for advice on inheritance and wills, prenuptial agreements, partitions, and gifts. The telephone service is also free for family members.

KOKO unemployment fund

Through the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you can belong to an unemployment fund and secure your livelihood in the event of a change. Once the working condition is met, the member is entitled to an earnings-based daily allowance.

Cottages for rent

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and its membership organizations have their own rental cottages, most of which can be rented to members up to 30–50% cheaper than the listed price. Akava members can also rent cottages from other affiliates through a joint membership service.

Engineer cap and ring

You can order the professional symbol for yourself or as a gift. The cap and ring of engineers have a long tradition in the engineering community. Learn more about the professional symbols.


The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland organizes as many as 400 events across Finland every year! The events are diverse and are designed to support member networking, professional development, and bring joy to the free time.


The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland provides a comprehensive selection of vocational training courses and career coaching with a focus on improving job seeking skills. In general, training courses are free for members.

The union supports you at all stages in your career

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You will receive up-to-date information for various life situations. All the services and benefits offered by the Union are at your disposal when you become a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland consists of over 70,000 engineers, engineering students, and other technical experts. Welcome to the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland!

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