Orpo Government to change labor law

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland would like to inform you about the key amendments to labor law and social security that the Orpo Government is preparing.

Many of these issues may feel very distant to you. Indeed, they are distant until you face problems in your own job. If your employment contract continues without any change negotiations at work, or the fear of them, you will not see most of the changes in your daily life at all.

This Government is also planning legislative amendments that will change the way we work in Finland permanently. This is because they are systemic changes that future governments will find it difficult to reverse. The Union does not consider the constant amendment of labor legislation sensible. Amendments must be made moderately and with consideration, which is why we hope the Orpo Government will assiduously review the issues before amending the law.

We do not believe that all MPs, or even all citizens, fully understand the full extent of the planned changes to employment and to people. When decision makers have become fully aware of the issues and if they are still behind the changes, the Union will of course accept that: The Orpo Government is the legally elected government of the country, which enjoys the confidence of the democratically elected Parliament.

The Union will try, by various means, to make an impact so that the effects of legislative amendments are properly investigated before final decisions. We are also ready to exert pressure if necessary. The Union has its own, alternative proposals which can replace at least some of the changes proposed by the Orpo Government to achieve the same results for the economy and employment.

Samu Salo
chairman of the board

Fact sheet

The Union has also drawn up a fact sheet summarizing the deteriorations to employment terms and cuts to unemployment security that the Government is planning.

Download the fact sheet