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Working life is constantly changing. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland keeps up to date with matters and is having an impact, and is there to help you. As a member, you have access to a wide range of services for a good working life.

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When you become a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you have access to a unique Satisfaction Guarantee. You are able to explore the membership benefits and services of the Union for three months. If you do not want to continue your membership before the three-month period expires, we will give you a refund of the membership fees that you have paid.

Insinööri magazine

The magazine is only available in Finnish
Insinööriliitolle ei kelpaa yksipuolinen sanelu

Insinööriliitto on valmis neuvottelemaan maan hallituksen kanssa sen suunnittelemista työelämää, sosiaaliturvaa ja sopimusjärjestelmää koskevista heikennyksistä. Puheenjohtaja Samu Salon mukaan ongelma on, että paikka, jossa asioista neuvotellaan, puuttuu.

Valmet hissuttelee komennusten työaikakysymystä

Enimmäistyöajat voivat tulla täyteen ulkomaankeikoilla, mutta työnantaja ei ole tehnyt muutoksia työaikakäytäntöihin.

Ehkäisyn tarve poiki Bayerille uuden tehtaan

Kehittyvät maat tarvitsevat lisää mahdollisuuksia perhesuunnitteluun, ja Turussa avattiin uusi tehdas kierukoiden tuotantoon.


Training and events


Third time’s a charm

Lakshan Costa, originally from Sri Lanka, could not have imagined in his home country that life would take him to Finland.


Nextory member benefits

As a member of the Union, you either get 6 free weeks to try out Nextory as a new customer, or 3 months at 50% off for existing customers.


Thirst for knowledge led from mussels to AI

When Eliecer Diaz studied the size and development of fish, mussel and bird populations as a biologist years ago, he realized that he was doing mathematical analysis, and that he liked it. Originally from Chile and holding a PhD, Diaz decided to switch industries and studied to be a computer engineer.

The events in the Training and Event Calendar are mainly in Finnish :

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90 %
Private sector employment
The average age
14 %
The percentage of women