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The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland

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Working life is constantly changing. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland keeps up to date with matters and is having an impact, and is there to help you. As a member, you have access to a wide range of services for a good working life.

Benefits for leisure time

Members of the union receive CityShoppari without an annual fee. The app has more than 1,000 value-for-money benefits for you to eat and shop at affordable prices across Finland. The Member+ service brings also together the diverse membership benefits, which are related to travel, online stores and activities. Both of the services includes benefits for activity parks, well-being and exercise, among other things.

Insinööri magazine

The magazine is only available in Finnish
Luotsi havaitsi Venäjän massiivisen gps- ja tutkahäirinnän

Alusten sijainti joudutaan varmistamaan usealla tekniikalla.

Teollisuuden luvut heikkoja

Tuotanto ja tilausten määrä ovat pienentyneet vuoden aikana.

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Yhdysvaltalainen puolijohdeyhtiö AMD on ostanut kotimaisen tekoäly-yhtiön Silo AI:n.

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90 %
Private sector employment
The average age
14 %
The percentage of women