Are your studies in the final stages or you recently graduated? Congratulations on graduating!
You must give notice of your graduation to the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, whatever your decision is regarding future membership. Your membership in the Union of Engineering Students will then be transferred to your regional or national membership organization.

Why continue to be a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland even after graduation?

You still have a wide range of services available to you, such as legal services, career, and salary advice. There are also diverse benefits for work-life and leisure, not forgetting, of course, the wide range of events and training courses available.

Make a graduation notice

Once you have been a member of the Union during your studies, you will receive a discount after graduation on the Union’s membership fee for the first 18-months. The discount is EUR14 from the monthly membership fee.

Unemployment fund

Please remember to join the unemployment fund if you have not yet done so. You should join the fund as soon as the first paid employment begins.

Graduate – take advantage of Danske Bank benefits!

Banks offer a specific benefits package to recent graduates. Among other things, you get the most comprehensive services for your daily banking free of charge and a loan without a handling fee.

As a member, you get benefits for everyday life and leisure

The Union’s membership includes a wide range of benefits and services for everyday life and leisure. Take advantage of your membership benefits and make your graduation even more comfortable.

Negotiating agreements

By belonging to the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you also contribute to the negotiations on collective agreements. The Union will do the rest. A lot of work has already been done and you will see the results of the negotiation, but there is still a lot to agree on!

Engineering ring

Be proud to be an engineer! After graduation, you have the right to wear an engineering ring. As a member, you'll get a more affordable price. Order the ring as a graduation present.