Education and training

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland has a comprehensive selection of career training courses that focus on improving job application skills. Also, the Union offers training for career management and developing professional competence.


The Union periodically organizes courses on the following topics: job applications, CV writing, job interviews, psychological traps when job searching, how to find hidden jobs, how to find project-based jobs, identifying your skills, and career planning.


Training is organized online and around Finland. Most of the training courses have also been prerecorded and can be found in the Webinar Recording Archive. We also organize training courses for members to develop their expertise. The topics included are: how to improve professional skills, negotiation skills, team and management skills, social media competence, coping at work, and time management. Online training makes it possible for members to study at their own pace from home. The training package is complemented by webinars organized on various work-related topics. More information about the courses


The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland has started cooperation with the educational organization Eduhouse. Eduhouse offers high-level, professional competence-supporting distance education, which are free for members.

Training Calendar

See the Union’s training calendar and find new paths to develop your skills. You can sign up for the training via the training calendar. Make sure you get your place in the training you’re interested in and join the course.


Enhance your skills independently online by watching prerecorded webinars. The Webinar Recording Archive has up to dozens of webinars for you to view online at a suitable time for you.

Supplement your skills with courses at universities of applied sciences

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland offers its members the opportunity to participate in courses at universities of applied sciences. The educational institutions and courses can be found on the CampusOnline service. You can familiarize yourself with the upcoming course offerings and register for the fall implementations, which are marked with the Insinööriliito logo. When you have completed the course, you can apply for half of the course price from the Union.