Unemployment fund

Sometimes working life surprises you in an unfortunate way and you can be laid off or put on unpaid leave. Through the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland you can belong to an unemployment fund and secure your livelihood in the event of a change because once the working condition is met, you are in principle entitled to an earnings-based daily allowance.

The effect of pay on unemployment benefit

As an unemployed job seeker, you can receive an earnings-based allowance, a basic daily allowance, or a labor market support. Kela's basic daily allowance is EUR37.21 per day (from 1st of August 2024) and it is paid for five days per week. The earnings-based daily allowance of the unemployment fund is always higher than the basic daily allowance. An estimate for the earnings-based daily allowance can be calculated using the KOKO unemployment fund's counter.

The Unemployment Fund for the Highly Educated (KOKO)

Most members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland already belong to the KOKO unemployment fund. The members who are not part of the unemployment fund can join KOKO through us. The easiest way to check if you are a member of an unemployment fund through the Union is to log in to Member pages. You can also contact customer service.

KOKO unemployment fund membership fee

The KOKO unemployment fund membership fee is EUR63 in 2024. The fund’s membership fee is charged together with the Union’s membership fee if one joins the fund through the union. For student members, the unemployment fund’s membership fee is charged as an annual fee. Unemployment fund payments, like all membership fees, are tax-deductible in Finland.
The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland will inform the Tax Authorities regarding the membership fee directly.

Working condition

As a rule, the working condition is met if you work at least 18-hours per week for 26 weeks during the 28 months considered.

Are you interested in joining the unemployment fund?

You should join the unemployment fund as soon as you are in paid employment.

Joining the unemployment fund

You can change your unemployment fund when you are in paid employment.

Changing unemployment funds

An unemployment fund brings security after graduation.

Information related to the unemployment fund for students

Are you unemployed?

Through customer service, you can reach the union’s employment counseling. It is also advisable for the unemployed or person at risk of unemployment to take advantage of the diverse career services and training courses available through the Union.

Unemployment Fund for Entrepreneurs (SYT)

Entrepreneurs can secure their livelihoods in the event of unemployment as members of the Unemployment Fund for Entrepreneurs (SYT). SYT fund pages are only in Finnish.