The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland promotes and monitors the interests of its members in many areas. This lobbying is most visible to the members when it comes to the Union’s labor market activities. Also, the Union improves working life and well-being at work by, among other things, influencing relevant legislation. Influencing the country’s economic and education policies is also one of the Union’s core activities. Lobbying is increasingly international.

International lobbying

A growing proportion of Finnish employment-related legislation is being made by the European Union. Successful lobbying requires regular contacts with European Parliament members and direct influence within the European Commission, which decides on the EU’s final legislation.

Labor market activity

The main objective of the Union’s labor market activities and lobbying is a fair and safe working life for its members. This includes improving the employment and professional esteem of members and promoting equality in working life.

Education policy lobbying

Securing and developing high-quality engineering education is a key focus for the Union. The Finnish higher education system is based on the dual model. It produces skills for the labor market, both for scientific research and for practical knowledge. The dual model is important as it enables a wide range of skills to be used in working life.

Economic policy-making lobbying

The Union promotes the employment of its members by playing an active role in economic policy-making. Finnish employment relies on vibrant and growing companies. The vitality of the export industry increases Finland’s global competitiveness.

Lobbying for entrepreneurs

Promoting entrepreneurship is part of the Union of Professional Engineers’ lobbying work. Dynamic entrepreneurial activity in technical fields is in the interests of both employees and entrepreneurs.

Societal lobbying

Many governmental decisions affect the personal life, employment, and opportunities of a member.

The Union influences these decisions in accordance with the needs and interests of its members. Lobbying is the key means for the promotion of interests in society. Influencing starts with collecting and analyzing information and facts that affect the lives of members. This will lead to an understanding of the objectives and actions that are important for members. Read more about Societal lobbying.

Staff representatives

Companies have employee representatives in various positions and roles, depending on the size of the company. The most common and well-known position is the Union steward. Personnel is also represented by the occupational health and safety officer and an administrative representative. In an international company, there might also be an EWC representative.

Insinööri magazine

Insinööri is a magazine and an online newspaper published by the Union of Professional Engineers for engineers and other technical experts and engineering students. The magazine provides up-to-date information on working life, lobbying, society, and the profession and its skills. The magazine also contains the results of research done regarding its members and information on union activities.