Students are a large part of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. How could you further your professional development and networking? Get to know the Union’s services and membership benefits during your studies and make the most of them.

Become a student member

Are you studying to be an engineer? Congratulations on your great study choice! Make the most of your student years by belonging to a community and taking advantage of the Union’s benefits and services.

Are you graduating?

When you have become a member during your studies, you will receive a discount on membership of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland for the first 18 months, without a separate application for a discount after graduation. In 2020, the discount will be €14 off the monthly membership fee. Be sure to notify us of your graduation.

Student membership

As a student, you join the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland through the Union of Engineering Students and its local associations. The Union of Engineering Students monitors the interests of technical students, in particular, and maintains engineering student traditions, while also creating new traditions!

Job vacancies

The job board is an open job advertising platform where you can find work, summer jobs, and thesis topics. You can filter ads by location or keywords.