Services for polytechnic schools

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is the top expert on issues related to the working life of engineering students and engineers. In addition to nurturing traditional engineering education, the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland wants to ensure that the quality of education is maintained and that it is suitable for the labor market even amid changing conditions.

Services provided by the Union

For polytechnics, the Union provides services to increase students’ working life awareness and in support of their employment. Union experts happily work together with polytechnic schools. For example, schools should take advantage of CV clinics offered by the Union in connection with various events and fairs, as well as training courses for job hunting, job interviews, and career planning. Contact us and we can tailor a package that fits your school.

Working life information for students

Making the twists and turns of working life more familiar to students

Alumni activities

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland has established networks, where you can reach out to old students and student activists. Get to know Union alumni activities.

Diploma folders for graduates

You can order free diploma folders for students who are graduating.