More and more people are experiencing unemployment at some point in their careers. The length of time may vary from short transition periods between jobs to longer periods of unemployment. The Union offers a wide range of employment-enhancing services. This page provides you with information on unemployment, which should be taken into account when you become unemployed, and what kind of services you can use in this situation.

Registration at the TE Office

When you become unemployed for the first time, you must register as a job-seeker at your local TE Office no later than the first day of unemployment. Without this registration, the job-seeker won’t be entitled to receive earnings-related allowance nor the basic daily allowance.

Unemployment fund

The application for the daily allowance is made to the unemployment fund. It is good to note that the daily allowance must be applied for no later than three months from the day on which you want it to be paid. Members of the Union of Professional Engineers may choose to join the KOKO unemployment fund, which is meant for highly educated professionals.

Membership fee discounts

The Union grants membership fee discounts in difficult situations. When the unemployment period lasts at least one full calendar month, you are entitled to apply for a membership fee discount. By doing so, you will also get a better understanding of the Union’s services for unemployed members. Read more about how to apply, and discount criteria.

Help to find work

The Union offers help and support to job-seeking members. As a member, you can get personal advice and increase your know-how through employment training courses and expand your network at events organized by the Union.

Is your company about to start co-determination negotiations

Are you facing employee co-determination negotiations that aims to make some of the employees redundant? The Union website has a lot of information and instructions on how to handle various employment relationship situations.

Monthly Unemployment Report

The Union’s Research team monitors the unemployment situation of engineers every month and compiles an unemployment report on the situation. The report is only in Finnish.

Not yet a member?

You will receive up-to-date information for various life situations. All the services and benefits offered by the Union are at your disposal when you become a member. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland consists of 73,000 engineers, engineering students, and other technical experts. Welcome to the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland!

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