Salary matters

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is familiar with the salary level of engineers and technical experts.

Salary statistics

The Union conducts an annual Labor Market Survey, which serves as a tool for negotiations and members’ pay advice. Salary statistics contain pay scales for different sectors, tasks, and geographical areas, for example. The statistics consist of salary data for over 10,000 engineers. The Union also monitors, for example, the salaries of IT workers.

Salary counter

The salary counter is a tool that allows you to identify a suitable pay bracket, for example, when applying for a new job. When you want to negotiate the salary, check the salary statistics, and identify your desired pay with the help of the salary counter.

Salary counselling

Sometimes it can sbe difficult to define a salary request. Experts from the Union’s salary counseling team provide personal pay advice at different stages of a professional’s career. Advice on both domestic and foreign salaries is available.

Hey, student!

See salary recommendations for internships and graduates’ initial salary recommendations.

Tips for salary negotiation

Good tips on salary negotiation can be found on the Members’ pages.

Tips for salary negotiation

Overview of engineers

15% are women
42 is the average age
15 years is the average number of professional experience
92% work full-time
39 h per week is the average total working time
Career level
2% top management, entrepreneur
4% management
10% upper middle-management
13% lower middle-management
69% expert
2% staff member
4 335 e/month average gross wage
4 050 e/month median gross salary
2 900 e/month median initial salary
90% private sector employment
10% public sector employment