Working student

Many people work while studying, for example by taking a part-time summer job alongside their studies, or by taking part in multiform learning alongside full-time work. Whatever your situation or ambition for working life, the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is your partner on this journey.



Join the unemployment fund on your member page

Career planning for students

Every student starting a career is in a unique situation. Some have come to update their skills after years of work experience, while others are starting a completely new kind of career after changing industries. Don’t be left alone with your thoughts.

Information on student employment

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland carries out two annual studies on the situation of students and recent graduates. The results can be used to help in getting a better idea of what working life is like for engineering students and recent graduates.

Student's salary matters

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland publishes annual salary recommendations for newly graduated engineers and engineering summer jobs and internships. The recommendations are related to work in which a recent graduate can take advantage of his/her engineering education or which supports his/her studies.

Search for a job

Whether you're looking for a summer job, a company to sponsor your thesis, or other jobs, you'll find the best tips from the Union's career specialists here.

Job board

Browse job vacancies via the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s job board. Our platform features thousands of vacant jobs for technical experts and students each year.

Join the unemployment fund

As a student, you can also join the unemployment fund and accumulate the right to earnings-based unemployment benefits while working.

Have your employment contract reviewed

Have an employee counseling expert review your employment contract before signing. You can get help and support from the Union’s employment counseling service in all questions related to employment relationships and everyday working life.