Information on membership

Union of Professional Engineers membership creates a safety net for your career and fosters professional development. The Union of Professional Engineers’ collective agreement experts, legal counsels, and employment counselors offer support for working life situations. Through the union’s career coaching, salary counseling, and training, you will invest in developing your career. The Union of Professional Engineers is active in influencing society and monitors the interests and appreciation of engineers and other technical experts.


The Union of Professional Engineers can be joined as a full member, a student member, or a pensioner. Read more about the types of membership and the membership fee.

Can I join the Union?

You are a member of the Union of Professional Engineers through your membership association. You can join the Union of Professional Engineers if you are an engineer, a technical expert, or a student in the field. See a more detailed definition.

Not yet a member?

Welcome to the Union of Professional Engineers. Join a great group of 70,000 Professional Engineers by completing the online admission form on this website.

Recommend the membership to others

Take part in our I Recommend! bonus program by recommending a colleague or friend become a member of the Union of Professional Engineers. The reward for the recommendation is GoGift´s Gift card worth €40. See rules on recommending membership.

Questions about Membership?

Get information on the most frequently asked questions such as how to join, membership information, benefits, fees, and the unemployment fund.

Are you entrepreneur?

It is valuable for engineering entrepreneurs to be part of the Union of Professional Engineers. Take advantage of your membership as an entrepreneur. Read more about membership benefits for entrepreneurs.

Are you graduating?

When you have become a member during your studies, you will receive a discount on membership of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland for the first 18 months, without a separate application for a discount after graduation. In 2020, the discount will be €14 off the monthly membership fee. Be sure to notify us of your graduation.