Employment services

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland provides you with assistance and guidance in matters related to your employment relationship and any situations involving disputes. Employment counseling provides you with personal assistance. Members have access to collected information on a variety of situations from working life, frequently asked questions and related answers. The Union’s Legal Counsels take care of legal matters on behalf of members.


The existing collective agreements can be found under lobbying.

Employment counseling

The Union’s Employment counseling provides guidance and assistance in matters related to employment relationships and everyday working life. The employment counseling pages contain’s information on various topics related to working life and the related FAQs.

Guides for working life

The Employment Relationship Guide discusses a wide range of legislation that regulates working life, paying special attention to the characteristics special to the employment relationships of senior salaried employees. The Improve your salary guidebook gives you an overview of the things that usually affect salaries and the conversation surrounding salaries.

Employment matters taken care of by the Union’s Legal Counsels

Read examples of employment matters taken care of by the Union’s Legal Counsels. Alongside other duties, the Union’s Legal Counsels have taken care of numerous employment matters pertaining to salary arrears and disputes over terminations.

Legal assistance

Membership of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland includes the possibility to obtain legal services from the Union. Legal Services and Collective Bargaining cover legal counselling, settlement negotiations and, when necessary, legal assistance in a court of law in labor law disputes related to a member’s employment or service relationship.

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