Cap rules

Use of the engineer’s cap is subject to rules, and the cap may only be used by those who have been granted the right to use it. The practices related to the caps have been compiled in cap regulations.

1 §
The Engineering cap has an 8-angle purple velvet cover with a black velvet edge. The cap also has a black brim and tassel, which is made from black silk and is attached to the right side of the cap. The Engineering cap has a cockade on a black velvet edge in the middle above the brim. The cockade is the gold-colored oak leaf symbol of the Union of Professional Engineers. The cap is the main symbol of an engineer and engineering student approved by the Union of Professional Engineers.

2 §
The right to wear the Engineering cap is granted to those who have completed an engineering degree and to Freshmen studying for an engineering degree after Vappu (Last of April).

3 §
The Engineering cap is used for engineering-like events. The cap has to be worn like you would wear a hat. The hat shall not be used in a manner contrary to good practice or handed over to a person who does not have the right to wear it. While indoors, gentlemen wear the cap on their left shoulder, with the tassel behind their neck, hanging over their right shoulder.

4 §
On Vappu Eve, engineers and engineering students may begin to celebrate Vappu by donning the cap. On Vappu Eve, you mustn’t put the Engineering cap on your head until noon.

5 §
A donning the cap ceremony can be arranged for the new cap wearers by the community of the Union of Professional Engineers.

6 §
The owner of the Engineering cap is responsible for his/her cap and for the consequences of using the cap.

7 §
The partner of an engineer or engineering student in a permanent partnership may, as a sign of the partnership, enter a knot in the tassel of his/her partner’s Engineering cap.

8 §
The tassel of the Engineering cap shall be removed from the person who repeatedly violates the rules of the engineering cap. The tassel will be delivered to the Central Office of the Union of Professional Engineers for safekeeping, along with the name of the owner of the cap.

The right to remove the tassel is given to the Union of Professional Engineers’ and the Union of Engineering Students board members, and, also, vice-presidents of the membership associations. The tassel remover must have grounds (ie repeated violation of the rules) before serving the sentence.

The tassel should be removed by cutting the stitches with which it is attached to the cap. The owner of the cap may apply to the chairman of the Union of Professional Engineers for the return of his engineer’s cap.