The Union gives awards to the best engineering theses 

Every year, students in the field of technology complete a significant number of theses with a clear connection to working life and the development of engineering work. However, there is far too little discussion of theses. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland therefore wants to highlight the expertise of its members, so the Union gives awards to the best engineering theses of the year. There are two separate categories in the competition: Bachelor’s and master’s theses in engineering. 

To be eligible for participation in the competition, the work must have been completed between January 1, 2022, and September 8, 2023, and the participant must not have applied for the award before. 

The application period ends on September 8, 2023. 

The award criteria include innovation, creativity, diligence and insight. Societal impact and increasing the prestige of the engineering profession are also elements of excellent theses in engineering. 

The amount of the award is €5,000 in each category. 

Apply for the award if: 

  • you are a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland; 
  • you have completed a thesis, which may be an empirical or conceptual literary work or other work such as a development project; 
  • your thesis is public; 
  • your thesis is either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree thesis; and 
  • the language of your thesis is Finnish or English. 

How to apply for the award 

  • attach a letter of motivation and the thesis evaluation to your application, as well as your thesis (e.g. a link to Theseus). 
  • the letter of motivation must be no longer than one A4 page, and it must indicate the subject of the research and any results, the thesis’s connection with the development of working life or the field of technology, and the reasons the work deserves the award. 
  • The application period ends on September 8 
  • apply for the award using the application form here 

The awards will be given in the late fall at a time that will be announced to the winners. The winners are invited to present their work at the award ceremony. 

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland hopes to receive a wide range of nominations for theses on various themes. 

To the application form 

More information: Special Advisor Miihkali Härkönen, miihkali.harkonen (at)ilry.fi, tel. +358 50 307 5587.