Networks for Members

The Union is launching activities where members have an opportunity to network in a way that benefits them. The network of experts has been operating since 2019, and in Autumn 2020 the networks described below will also be launched. Registration for all networks is done through the same form:

After registering, the network leader will contact you with more details. For more information about the network, please get in touch with the contact person of the specific network. The networks operate in Finnish, except for the English-speaking network.

The network of experts serves as a platform for discussion between members of different technical backgrounds, especially on issues requiring deep engineering expertise.

The network of experts aims to find solutions to societal issues and also provides the union with information following requests for comments from external sources. The network of experts organizes at least one bigger seminar and one open discussion event each year, highlighting engineering expertise.

Further information: Specialist Miihkali Härkönen (

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The network is meant for all members, who wish to discuss Finnish working life in English and to network internationally. The network arranges discussions in O365 Teams, webinars in English on current issues, and, depending on interest, also annual meetings or seminars.

Further information: Regional Advisor Anne Granat-Jukakoski (

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Would you like to take part in team sports? Do you have a good team of engineers or colleagues who wants to take part in a tournament? The network activities of the Union also cover sports, team sports, and other physical activities.

The Union encourages and supports the members to represent it in various tournaments and events. You can represent the union in a competition for any sports, and the event can be anywhere in Finland. The Union pays the team’s participation fee and helps to assemble the team if necessary. The condition of the support is that the team is made up of members of the Union, and the team uses the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s name.

Are you interested in a specific sport, event, or participation? Sign up, and we can see if the team can be assembled. You can also suggest a tournament or event that you are interested in if it is not yet on the list. Help assembling teams is also welcome. If you have any interest in assembling a team and expanding your network, please contact us.

Further information: Regional Advisor Mikko Sormunen (

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You have to feel well at work, whether you’re working remotely, working while traveling, moonlighting, working overtime, working at a flexible workplace, or just plain old working. Well-being at work is also in the interest of your employer since a worker who feels well is productive, efficient, creative, and innovative.

The aim of the well-being at the workplace network is to raise the issue of work and well-being, create discussion, and bring benefits to the members of the network at different stages of working life. The well-being at the workplace network of the Union of Professional Engineers focuses on the well-being of all employees, without forgetting the small job excursions done on the production side.

If you have even a small amount of interest or something to say about working life or well-being, join us. The union’s well-being at the workplace network operates through webinars, discussions, live events, and other opportunities offered by the Teams platform.

Further information: Regional Advisor Olli Backman (

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The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland furthers its members’ employment possibilities by being an active participant in industrial policy. The Union also wants to make entrepreneurship a more attainable career.

This network focuses on these topics. The network talks about employment, company growth prospects and making working life better for an example.

All interested members are welcome to join the network to talk about these thematics.

Further information: Economist Paavo Hurri (

One of the main topics the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland influences is maintaining and advancing the quality of engineering studies in Finland.

Some of the education policy topics we actively work with are making degree studies better, securing resources for universities of applied sciences and mathematical and scientific know-how.

All interested members are welcome to join the network to talk about these thematics.

Further information: Special Advisor Miihkali Härkönen (