Webinar recordings

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s recording archive includes a wide range of webinars on topics including job searches, career management, social media, use of various apps, wellbeing at work and managerial skills.

The trainers are the Union’s own Career Specialist and other experts, as well as specialists in different fields from coaching and training companies. All webinar recordings are free of charge for members. Webinars are only in Finnish.

You can view webinar recordings by logging in to the Union’s member pages. The webinars can be viewed on the GoToWebinar platform within a week of the live presentation date. As a rule, the webinars in the recording archive can be viewed for one year from the first broadcast.

Go to the Webinar Recording Archive and view the recordings on the member pages which are only in Finnish for now:

Webinar recording archive

Unfortunately, the Union does not currently have English-language recordings.

You can view Finnish-language webinar recordings on the member pages, which are only in Finnish for now: