Presentation of training

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland organizes diverse training across the country and online.

The trainers are the Union’s Career Specialists and experts, as well as specialists in various fields from coaching and training companies. Training deals with job hunting and the whole career path, managerial work and entrepreneurship, and shares tips for better negotiations and visibility in social media.

As a rule, the training is free of charge for members.

If you are planning a job change, a whole new career, or looking for your first job, you will benefit from career management and job search training. The training cover job search documents, interview situations and take a look at new careers.

In the working life skills training, new skills are learned for coordinating social media, new software, and how to combine work and everyday life. How am I going to last longer at work and how am I going to make the day meaningful?

You can participate in the Union’s webinars from your sofa. The themes of webinars cover a wide range of job searching and working life skills as well as specialized work. The webinars can also be listened to afterward from the extensive Webinar Recording Archive.

Online training enables learning regardless of place and time. You can complete the course at a suitable time and your own pace. Online training is available on topics such as career planning, job search, and well-being at work. The training includes a wide range of learning materials, tasks, and exercises.

Organizational training for the active members of the Membership organization helps them to perform effectively and dependably in a position of responsibility. Training will be organized according to the needs of the membership organization. For more information, please contact the regional advisor of your membership organization.

Training of Union stewards and other personnel representatives

Do you work as a personnel representative in your workplace, such as a Union steward, an occupational health and safety officer, or an administrative representative? The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland offers training to its members selected for these tasks. The purpose of the training is to provide Union stewards and other personnel representatives with sufficient knowledge and skills to work successfully in advocacy positions in their workplaces.

For more information on the training, see the YTN and JUKO (only in Finnish) websites. See also YTN’s Oma luottamusmies (only in Finnish) and JUKO’s Luottamusmiehen työkalupakki (only in Finnish).

All of the Union’s training has been compiled in the training calendar.