Analyze job advertisement

You should take a moment to analyze the job ad so that you can best demonstrate your suitability for the job. Below is the Union’s Career Specialists tips regarding what to focus on when analyzing a job ad.

What kind of expertise is the ad looking for?

Write down the requirements mentioned in the job ad on a separate piece of paper or underline them in the ad itself, so you know what you need to mention in your application and CV. Then consider your previous work experience and training, and try to respond to each requirement with things that support that requirement. This way you can pick the right characteristics for your job application and CV, and explain why you would be a good candidate. Show the employer why you are the person that they need for their business.

What does the job advertisement say between the lines?

Can you conclude something from the ad that’s not directly written on it? Which of the requirements mentioned is the most important and what could be less important? Always remember to take the opportunity to ask the employer for more information about the job, as it will help you tailor your application more clearly, allowing you to differentiate yourself from other applicants.

Remember, no one is perfect

Don’t focus on what you can’t do, instead focus on your strengths. Rarely does anyone meet all the requirements that are requested in the job advertisement. It’s enough that you’re good enough. Focus on your strengths and remember that the skills that you still need to develop are generally fully learnable.