New engineering or technical student – join as a student member

Congratulations on your study place and for the excellent choice of career! As a student member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland you will, for example:


  • Further your career already during your studies
  • Know the value of your work when negotiating a salary
  • Enjoy a broad range of membership benefits and events


As a part of already over 75,000 people, you take care that engineers are heard in the future as well – because the world isn’t perfect.


As a technical student, you have the opportunity to join the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland as a student member during your studies. You get all the benefits and services of the Union at a fixed price of 30€ for 5 years, and get to be part of a community that supports you at all stages of your professional life. After graduation your membership continues automatically in a regional organization.


Join as a student member


Why join the Union as a student?

Read below why you should join the Union while studying!

Salary statistics and Salary counselling

How much should you get paid for a summer job or an internship? What about when you graduate? Union's salary recommendations and statistics help you when negotiating a fair salary. In addition, you always have the option to ask for personal salary counselling. Union's specialists are available to help you with all matters regarding salary.

Membership benefits

All membership benefits are included with the student membership. As a member you enjoy various benefits on e.g. travel, accommodation, sports and banking. Travel insurance (Finland and abroad) is included in your membership with no extra charge. On top of these, you enjoy discounts with various shops and service providers.

Career Services and Career Coaching

As a member you can take advantage of the Union's webinar recording archive. There you'll find information and tips in English on job hunting, job application and CV. You will also learn what to take into account in each step of the recruitment process. Membership also includes personal career coaching. Career specialists help you to set up your career goals and find your dream job. You can book your time for personal career coaching on your member pages.

Student culture

Student culture and various student events are a big part of student life. At these events, the student’s most important outfit is, of course, your student overalls and the badges you collect. Technical students and experts, as well as the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, have their own culture and traditions. One of the most visible parts of this culture is the engineering cap that has its own traditions and rules.

Student event tips

Local associations act as organizers of student culture in the area where your study place is located, so you should carefully monitor what kind of events are happening throughout the year.

Also, the Union of Engineering Students has three major national events; Engineering Student Days, ASTin cruise and InssiCooper that bring together technical students from all over Finland.

Employment counselling and Legal Services

Not everything goes according to the plan always. The Union is there to help you in case you feel like something is not quite right with your job. Employment counselling and Legal services are available for student members as well. It is smart to e.g. check your employment or internship contracts with Union's specialists, so you can make sure that the Finnish labour law and collective agreements are complied with.

You can become a member when you begin your studies

Students who are studying to become engineers, construction architects, laboratory analysts or construction foremen can join the Union of Engineering Students. You can join once your studies have begun.

The union for technical experts

Network while studying. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland conncets the technical experts in working life and students in their own trade union. Your community follows with you once you have graduated and will offer expert support, no matter the situation.

Convinced? Join with the link below:

Join as a student member