Student culture

Student culture and various student events are a big part of student life. At these events, the student’s most important outfit is, of course, their student overalls and the badges they collect. Technical students and experts, as well as the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, have their own culture and traditions. One of the most visible parts of this culture is the engineering cap that has its traditions and rules.

Get to know the cap

Local associations act as organizers of student culture in the area where your study place is located, so you should carefully monitor what kind of events are happening throughout the year. Also, the Union of Engineering Students has three major national events; Engineering Student Days, ASTin cruise and InssiCooper that bring together technical students from all over Finland.

The highlight of the year is the Engineering Student Days (IOP) held in the spring. Traditionally, the event includes an opening party with guests of honor, a playful tour of the city, and a final party with performers. More formal activities, such as political seminars, are also organized.

Every year, IOP also receives graduates who wish to relive memories of their student years. IOP is an event worth participating in for every engineering student.

You can find out more about the event by asking your local association.

ASTin cruise is a national start-up cruise for new technical students or students who still want to feel like a freshman. The cruise is organized by Länsi-Suomen Insinööriopiskelijat (LäSIO). The school year starts at full speed in September with the ASTin cruise.

Among other things, the cruise program includes a traditional team competition, a huge toga party, and engineering-themed karaoke with awards.

Ask your local association for more information about the event.

InssiCooper is a traditional event in September that gathers students from all over Finland for a hike in the autumn colors of Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

The hiking distance is about 32 kilometers and the hike is done in 1.5 days. The hiking progresses at the speed of the slowest participants, so the event is suitable for first-time hikers. During the trip, fun team competitions will be held and the best team will be awarded at the end of the journey.

More information is available on the event’s Facebook page.