Membership fee discounts in different life situations

If the member’s life situation changes, it is possible to get a discount on the membership fee. You can apply for a membership fee discount if you have no salary, entrepreneurial or comparable income for at least one full calendar month, or if you have a particularly low income, are abroad or studying full-time. A permanently retiring member may be granted a discount in membership fees or pensioner membership, depending on the age of the member, the pension decision, and the date of retirement.

The discount may be granted for full calendar months that meet the requirements. If the end date is not known, the discount can be granted by default for six calendar months, but not more than the end of the year.


Members of the Union of Engineering Students (IOL) whose membership has been transferred to their membership association after graduation will automatically receive a discount on the membership fee. The discount is EUR14 per month and lasts 18 months. There is no need to apply separately for a discount based on graduation.


A pensioner may be granted a pensioner membership if the relevant conditions are met. Pensioner membership is applied for by sending a discount application to the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.

Application for a discount on membership fees.

You can apply as soon as the period that entitles you to a discount begins.
The membership fee discount must always be applied for separately. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland does not receive information through, for example, the unemployment fund or pension insurance companies.

Instructions for applying for a discount

Processing application and decisions on discount

After processing the application, the decision regarding the discount is sent to the applicant by e-mail. If you want a decision by post, please indicate it at the application stage. If you are granted a discount, a corrected membership fee invoice will be submitted along with the discount decision. If necessary, further information regarding the application shall be requested from the member before the processing.

The start and the end of the discount period

Notify the Union’s customer service regarding any changes to the membership fee discount without delay.

If your eligibility for a discount continues, submit a new membership fee discount application to customer service at the end of the previous discount period.

Failure to pay the membership fee is not a termination notice.

Membership fee

You are only eligible for a discount on the membership fee for the year in question if your previous membership fees have been paid.

The fee varies according to your particular Union of Professional Engineers in Finland membership. You can also see discounted fees by the organization in the membership fee table.

The discounted membership fee has to be paid personally. If the membership fee is collected by the employer, the collection will be terminated when the member applies for a discount (there is a separate field in the discount application form for fee collecting). You can check the collection date on the payslips.