Working life situations

Salary matters

The Union of Professional Engineers conducts an annual labor market survey, which serves as a tool for negotiations and members' pay advice. Salary statistics contain pay scales for different sectors, tasks, and geographical areas.


More and more people are experiencing unemployment at some point in their careers. The length of time may vary from short transition periods between jobs to longer periods of unemployment. The union offers a wide range of employment-enhancing services.

Employment services

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland provides you with assistance and guidance in matters related to your employment relationship and any situations involving disputes. Employment counselling provides you with personal assistance.


The Union of Professional Engineers promotes and monitors the interests of its members in many areas. This lobbying is most visible to the members when it comes to the union’s labor market activities. Also, the union improves working life and well-being at work by, among other things, influencing relevant legislation. Influencing the country’s economic and education policies is also one of the union’s core activities.