Get a lot of value from the membership fee

The Union of Professional Engineers’ membership fee and the unemployment insurance fee are approximately €35 per month in total (varies by membership associations). After the tax deduction, the price is about €20 per month. Annually you pay about €240 for membership.

The following services and benefits are included with membership in the Union of Professional Engineers. The value of the services that are free for members has been added to the calculation. As you can see, even if you only use a fraction of our services, you can easily get value for your membership fee.

The services and benefits included in the approximately €35 per month membership fee of the Union of Professional Engineers:

Service or other benefitValue
Discussion with an employment legal counsel (60 min)
Review of an employment contract (30 min)
Read more about employment counselling
Discussion with a career specialist (60 min)
Read about our career services
Course on how to show your expertise (3 hours)
See the available training courses organized by the Union
Participation in a summer event
See Event Calendar
Union’s insurance package
Discussion with a legal counsel related to the sale of property (Eversheds)
Read more about the membership benefits