Satisfaction guarantee

When you become a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you have access to a unique Satisfaction Guarantee. You are able to explore the membership benefits and services of the Union for three months. If you do not want to continue your membership before the three-month period expires, we will give you a refund of the membership fees that you have paid.

We have an unwavering trust for the quality of our benefits and services. The members of the Union are served by specialists in various fields, all of whom have in common the fact that they have tuned their skills to the top and specialize in serving engineers and experts in the field of technology. They are well versed in the development of career opportunities, salary and working conditions for engineers. It does matter who promotes your cause in this community.

You are able to explore the diverse benefits* offered by the union in practice.

* For legal assistance in court (labor law disputes related to a member’s work or employment issues), the prerequisites are that the membership has lasted for a minimum of three months before the event and the membership fees have been paid in accordance with the union’s rules.

The membership fee refund does not apply to the possible unemployment fund membership fee. Read more about Satisfaction guarantee conditions.